Mujeres del Mar

A space for all women working for the conservation of the oceans and the sustainable use of their resources.


Get to know inspiring stories of other women of the sea 


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what we do

Giving voice to the women of the sea

Mujeres del Mar is a women's organization that aims to inspire, empower and make women leaders in the conservation of the ocean and its resources.  

Mediante historias y diferentes oportunidades de colaboración, pretendemos inspirar a las mujeres para que creen un impacto positivo en el entorno y en la sociedad.

How we do it

inspiring and connecting

When we work together, we go further.


Network of women conserving the ocean and its resources around the world.


Inspiring interviews with women from different sectors related to the ocean.


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mujeres del mar is for you

If you are involved in marine conservation, research, sustainable tourism, fishing, work for an NGO or a blue economy company, if you surf, dive, or dedicate your life to the sea in any other way...Mujeres del Mar is your place!

our vision

Una comunidad de mujeres inspiradoras alrededor del mundo que trabajan juntas para conservar el océano.

Are you a woman of the sea?

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If you are a woman, you are dedicated to marine conservation (in any sector) and you want to tell us your story, do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!

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